Robotic milling is an adaptable and flexible solution for material removal applications including trimming, carving, engraving, machining, polishing, grinding and deburring.  Systems can be designed to accommodate small to large parts with lengths more than 25 meters, with a variety of motor spindles and tooling to suit the application. Robot milling is a great alternative to traditional CNC centers with added versatility and access capabilities, these systems are great for producing moulds, sculptures, prototyping and architecture. 

Common materials that can be processed include concrete, stone, steel, wood, foam, plastics,  carbon fiber and rubber.


Please contact us for a demonstration. 

ROBOT options

  • Robot configurations with up to 300kg payloads and 3,900mm reach

  • Various mounting options

  • Various CAD/CAM packages

  • External linear axis and positioners available 

CELL options

  • Beckhoff HMI

  • LED lighting

  • IoT remote monitoring

  • High speed roller door

  • CNC machined modular tables

  • Fixture design and clamping systems

  • Fume extraction 

Cell safety

  • Light curtains

  • Fortress keys

  • Safety pressure sensitive mats

  • Door interlocks

  • High speed roller curtains