We offer a range of power sources for robot welding systems, along with sensors for seam tracking and seam finding.



Macrobotics offers advanced manufacturing technologies to help customers save time and money. Combining years of experience and world leading robot welding technology, we can supply robotic welding packages to offer increased efficiency and quality of welding tasks and improve working environment. 

We can offer robot welding solutions to fit the most demanding automation criteria and suit materials including steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Welding types

  • Fronius MIG/MAG - Standard, Pulse and PMC welding

  • Fronius CMT Welding (Cold Metal Transfer) 

  • Fronius Twin welding wire (higher deposition rates)

  • Fronius Laserhybrid welding

  • Fronius TIG welding

  • Fronius Plasma TIG Welding

Seam finding 

Seam finding is used to verify part joint locations, this can be achieved using the wire as the sensor or a laser camera system. This process reduces the required component setup tolerances and manufacturing inaccuracies by detecting the plate edge height and positions, this can result in time and cost savings.  


Seam tracking sensors are used to monitor joint positions in relation to the TCP (Tool Center point) during the welding process, which reduces rework and component rejects. Most commonly used sensors are TAST (Through Arc Seam Tracking) and laser cameras. These sensors communicate with the controller and path deviations are made autonomously. Both systems have their pros and cons for various application, so contact us for more information.

Adaptive real time tracking

Laser - calibration program

butt joint - seam tracking

lap joint - seam tracking

seam finding - touch sensing