WAAM 3D printing 

Macrobotics has created a new cell combining offline programming, robotic machining, WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) 3D metal printing technology and a multi axis robotic CMT welding system. 

Common materials that can be processed include nickel, titanium, steel and aluminium. 


Please contact us for a demonstration. 

ROBOT options

  • Robot configurations with up to 300kg payloads and 3,900mm reach

  • Various mounting options

  • Milling robot capable of machining the component after printing

  • Various CAD/CAM packages

  • External linear axis and positioners available to suit different print sizes 

CELL options

  • Beckhoff HMI

  • LED lighting

  • IoT remote monitoring

  • High speed roller door

  • CNC machined modular tables

  • Fixture design and clamping systems

  • Fume extraction 

Cell safety

  • Light curtains

  • Fortress keys

  • Safety pressure sensitive mats

  • Door interlocks

  • High speed roller curtains

WAAM 3D Printing Test